the friday five.

1. there's something cool and modern about chopping the hem off your jeans (or cords). it's also a way to save on hemming if, like me, most jeans come way too long. / 2. two magazines i discovered before my recent trip: du jour (i read the first issue online and was happy to find the print issue), and design bureau (graphics, interiors, architecture, and fashion in one magazine). / 3. two of my favorite things together: shortbread cookies and earl grey...going to try this recipe over the weekend. / 4. one of my goals for the new year is doing something with all the art we have. this gallery wall idea is perfect for our living room (and i'm adding more inspiration on pinterest). / 5. a new year means new running shoes, and i'm finally giving the nike free a try.

hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

street style pics from atlantic-pacific and sea of shoes; gallery wall via pinterest


Fay said...

I especially love no. 4. I also love your eye for detail.

Adiel Cloud said...

I don't think I would have ever considered leaving a raw edge on my pants/jeans, but that looks so chic! I may just have to try it!


Ashley said...

Thanks for posting that recipe! Earl grey and cookies? Perfect combo!