let's hear it for the boys.

mary kate and ashley olsen have slowly and steadily built up their contemporary and high fashion brands by keeping things small, collaborating with artists they admire, and controlling the image. now their latest endeavor is expanding the row to men. long rumoured to be in the works, wwd finally has a preview of the collection, which will be sold at barneys and bergdorf goodman among others. using the same template as the women's line--high end basics you can wear on their own or mixed with other designers--they worked in neutral colors and richer fabrics. on the surface, these probably look like what they are--basics--but like the women's line, the simplicity of the designs is also the strength. with valentine's day coming up, it's time to get the guy in your life his own row t-shirt (starting at $230) so he can stop borrowing yours.

pics from wwd


Pris said...
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Pris said...
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tanya said...

I actually really like this. I think it's a great spruced up basic line. Modern and strong--perfect for guys! Thanks for sharing :-)

Kim said...

I wonder why MK and Ashley decided to make The Row for men, as opposed to their newer line, Elizabeth & James? E&J has gotten far more notice and has done considerably better, plus it reaches a larger market, bc the price is lower...It looks amazing, but I'm not sure how many men will be willing to shell out the big bucks for a line designed by Michelle from Full House (although God knows, girls will!)


Kiks said...

all i wanna know is who that guy is lol.