you had me at hello.

i've been trying to digest the spring collections and all the other post fashion week news (narciso going solo, the nasty way alessandra was let go, rochas coming back...with marco zanini!) but i saw this on rumi's blog, and i couldn't resist reposting it. you have to love marc, a hot guy in a skirt (with a huge birkin!) the story is incredible...please check it out.

pic from styleclicker by way of fashion toast


girl6_nyc said...

I thought the story was incredible too... incredible that the fashion/style blogger didnt know who Marc Jacobs is.

That said MJ is the cutest!

Jen said...

Fuuny picture, imagine if all men had to dress like this!

hrose said...

i thought that story was really cute/funny!
'do you work in fashion?'
marc; 'uuh kind of.'

i'm trying to digest fashion week too.. i'm
upset valentino couldn't give alessandra more of a chance, and that she was replaced by yet another accessories designer! but yes, for now, marc in a skirt will suffice.

Lil Midget said...

I would have loved to bump into Marc Jacobs!

Btw, I love anything couture..and hence I love your blog! Would you like to exchange links??