s/s 2009 paris: lanvin.

over the past two years, alber elbaz has consistently produced wonderfully beautiful collections for lanvin. spring has always been full of color, and fall has been dark and gothy, and every season, he makes pieces that women covet, that stores like h&m and zara copy, and that you see over and over on the red carpet. at a certain point, you wonder how long can he keep it up, keep expanding and exploring yet be more innovative? he definitely took some risks this time around, showing more prints than usual, but overall it wasn't groundbreaking, just pretty.

the first part of the show was more typical lanvin: mustard, navy, light blue, orange and magenta mixed with nude, cream and black, in lantern skirts, high waist pleated skinny pants, zig zag seamed shifts, puffy sleeve tops, loose cuffed shorts, and sharp pencil skirts. from there, the silhouette loosened up with origami style skirts, gathered skirts and dresses, and baggy trenches. the middle section featured a great parade of all black looks, where the interest was in the texture: boucle, silk, bubbly ribbed chiffon, and ruched taffeta.

after that, it was all about color, prints and beading. orange and tomato, grape and violet, light blue leopard prints, and more. the shapes were what you expect from lanvin, standaway a-line skirts, strapless dresses, bowed blouses, and one shoulder tops. i couldn't be disappointed really, because it was beautiful, the colors were vibrant, and it was all very wearable. but i wanted more. i haven't been excited by spring, and you can usually count on elbaz to bring the whoop. this time he didn't.

pics from catwalking


Anonymous said...

hi kimair,
i want to buy the ysl charlotte pumps from fw2007, and did a search on tpf to see how the sizing is. i saw from a response of yours that you own the grey in the 4 inch height...could you please tell me how the sizing is, as well as how comfortable they are? thanks so much!

also, i found your blog, and 'know' of you through tfs, so please don't think of me as a creepy stalker!

Imk-viz said...

Oh Lanvin...
I adore this collection, excellent!